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General Volunteer Information & Roles

Woodville Little League is run solely by volunteers. Because we are run 100% by volunteers, there are lots of volunteer roles available. Whether it be coaching, being a team mom, volunteering in the concession stand or being on the board we would love to have your help! 

Ways you can volunteer:

-Team Parent
-Assistant Coach
-Dugout Parent
-Concession Volunteer
-Board Member
-Score Keeping / Pitch Counts
-Chalking & Raking fields

**Please note that all volunteers who interact with children on the baseball field or dugout MUST register as a volunteer through this website and will also be required to have a background check performed. This is for the safety of all our children. Concession Volunteers do not have to register on the website as a volunteer.**

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Head Coach / Team Manager Information

The Manager / Head Coach role is generally expected to be able to perform all of the duties listed below. The manager is considered the leader of the team in which he/she is coaching.  Team managers can delegate duties to  assistant coaches and parent volunteers. Please note that if a delegated duty requires a person to be in the dugout or on the field during a game, they must be registered with Little League as a volunteer and have a background check performed by Leon County.

  • Know the rules of the league in which you are coaching
  • Schedule, coordinate & communicate practice schedules in a timely manner
  • Responsible for team equipment
  • Responsible for the safety of the team
  • Remind parents of code of conduct
  • Conduct a parent meeting at beginning of season to set expectations for season
  • Communicate with parents (Team App communication is preferred)
  • Select a "Team Parent" who will be able and is willing to do the duties required of a "Team Parent"
  • Select a scorekeeper
  • Select a designated pitch counter
  • Schedule practice games if such is desired
  • Create & distribute to opposing team a batting and field line up for each game
  • Delegate responsibilities and lead assistant coaches
  • Ensure mandatory game play
  • Coordinate the rescheduling of canceled games
  • Keep track of or delegate someone to keep the official pitch count of each game (Minors / Majors Only)
  • Designate a secondary head coach in the event Manager cannot attend a game
  • Communicate to team game changes & cancellation
  • Coordinate trophy distribution at end of season
  • Able to download the Masterlock Vault Enterprise App for access to Ice
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Assistant Coach Information

The Assistant Coach role is the assistant to the Team Manager. This role must register with Little League as a volunteer and have a background check performed by Leon County. Teams will have multiple assistant coaches and are expected to perform the following duties. 

  • Assist the Team Manager / Head Coach by teaching and directing the players
  • Be able to perform the Team Manager duties in the absence of the Team Manager / Head Coach
**Minors-Machine Pitch teams will need 3 assistant coaches. All other teams will need 2 assistant coaches.**

Team Parent Information

The "Team Parent" role is generally expected to be able to perform all of the duties listed below. She/he is expected to be the liaison between the Woodville Little League Board and/or coach and your team's parents. The "Team Parent" will have a strong working relationship with the Team Manager as the Team Manager will rely on the "Team Parent" for anything needed during games and practices. The "Team Parent" will also be the point of contact for the board for your team should information need to be distributed from the board to players and parents. The "Team Parent" will need to register as a volunteer with Little League and have a background check performed.

  • Coordinate & order parent shirts
  • Distribute Uniforms for the team when they arrive
  • Coordinate an end of season party with the Team Manager
  • Create & maintain the team app if one is used (Team Manager will be the Leagues preferred App for Spring 2020)
  • Maintain communication from the board to the team's parents in a timely manner
  • Distribute & communicate information & packets regarding pictures
  • Coordinate and schedule concession volunteers immediately after game schedule is announced.
  • Remind the teams concession volunteers of their obligation for each game
  • Distribute & collect the End of Season surveys
  • Be willing to utilize the Band app to pass along communication from the Board to the Teams Players Families
  • Be able to download and communicate with the WLL board via an app called BAND. 

Concession Volunteer Information

In order for the Woodville Little League to continue to provide concession services, we need your help! The concession at our Woodville Ball Park is run solely by volunteers. Without YOU, we cannot run a successful concession stand!

We need your help!

Anyone can volunteer as long as they are at least 13 years old. Parents, grandparents, guardians, friends and other family members can volunteer. We would love to have you join us for one time slot or more! First time volunteers are given a quick overview of the stands offerings, pointers on food safety, instruction on money handling and then you are ready to begin. Closing the stand is quick and simple and there is always a concession committee member on site to help. Some of the available items for purchase include Pepsi products, Gatorade, water, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage dogs, chips, popsicles, candy, snacks, boiled peanuts, nachos and more!

Since volunteers in the Woodville concession stand do not have to sign up as a volunteer with the county, signing up is as easy as choosing a time slot on the signup website.

We look forward to having you join us in the concession stand!

Click here for concession information details.

Board Member Information

Woodville Little League, Inc. is currently run by a group of board members who were nominated and voted in at the past Woodville Little League annual meeting in September. The board is the group of volunteers who meet monthly during the on and off season to ensure that our local league is able to run an effective season for our community. It takes a team to make everything run smoothly and we need more help! If you are interested in making a difference in our local league, we would love for you to join us at our monthly and annual meetings.

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Book Keeper Information

Starting at the Minors-Machine Pitch level, teams are expected to maintain a book and keep score for all games. Team Managers will want to designate a parent to keep the team book for the season. The "Bookkeeper" should have a good understanding the league rules for the league in which they are scorekeeping. The "Bookkeeper" is not required to be registered with Little League and does note need a background check.

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Pitch Counter Information

Starting at the Minor-Kid pitch level and up, teams are expected to maintain a pitch count for each game. The pitch count record is a simple tally of the number of pitches thrown in a game per player. The person keeping track of the pitches should have a basic understanding of the pitch count rules and be able to notify the Team Manager when the limit for the pitcher has been met. The "Pitch Counter" will need to keep the pitch counts for the home and away team. The pitch count records for each game will need to be signed by each Team Manager and placed in the Pitch Count log located in the concession stand. The "Pitch Counter" is not required to be registered with Little League and does note need a background check.

 Click here for the Little League Pitch Count Rules

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Team Manager App Keeper Information

Team Managers may decide to delegate a team parent to keep the book via an electronic App called Team Manager (Also known as Game Changer). This app will allow parents who are unable to attend a game to watch the game via a LIVE play by play on the App. It will also allow coaches to have immediate access to game stats in a one page format without coaches having to do any calculations.  It may be difficult for the same person to keep a paper book and also keep the book in the app, so it is recommended that this not be the same person as the "book keeper." This could be the same person as the Pitch Count keeper if the pitch count is simply noted at the end of an inning on paper - See Mike Stallings for details.

Click here for more information

League Photographer

**Vacant Position. Please email us if you are interested in this position.**

- has once again graciously offered to be our "unofficial" league photographer. She will be at games taking photos. If you see someone in the dugout or on the fields taking photos of your child, please note that she has been background checked and approved by the board to take photos for the league. Please note, we will only post photos of children whose parents have agreed and attested during registration.

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