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Concession Information

There were many changes made during the concession stand over the last several of years. These upgrades were done with the money raised in concession throughout each season. Thanks to the generous support of our volunteers through Woodville Little League. Some of these upgrades include a new griddle grill, new ipads for checkout, new cheese machine and more!  In addition to the upgrades, there have been many items streamlined to make volunteering in the concession easier. 

We know that volunteering for the first time can be intimidating and stressful. We understand how you feel as we have all been there. We have made every effort to make the volunteering process as easy as possible. There will always be a board member on site if there are any questions you may have and you will never be the only volunteer in concession. We encourage anyone who has not volunteered before to please stop by for a mini training session.  Instructions for concessions are listed below in the Concession Links tab below should you wish to review the instructions in advance.

What to expect when you are volunteering in concession:

  Grill Operator - Turn on Grill/Gas Tanks, Season & Cook Burgers, Cook Hotdogs, Clean Grill

Concession Volunteer - Ring & Checkout of purchase in Ipad, Wrap Burgers / Hotdogs for Warmer, Cook French Fries, Prep Nachos, Serve Boiled Peanuts
*The opening volunteer will place till in the register Drawer and turn on ipads and all other machines.
*The closing volunteer will place Deposit in Safe and close down the register  and ensure that all machines are off.

Home Run Runner - Grab Drinks from Cooler, Grab Chips, Grab pickles from Fridge, Refill Chip Roller and Run to get anything else that would be helpful to the Concession Volunteer. (12 years and older)

The Woodville Little League cannot operate without the generous support of our volunteers and we thank everyone for their generous continued support!

**Please note that Woodville Little League will default to the suggestions in the Little League Concession Guide regarding for most policies related to concessions including age and duties.The guide can be found here.**

Concession Volunteer / Parent Schedule

Since each child's family is responsible for volunteering in concession for at least one game a season. Once the spring schedule has been announced, your child's team parent will ask for a date convenient for you to volunteer in concession. If a date is not chosen, a date will be chosen for you that you will be responsible for. The date assigned to you is the date you are to coordinate volunteers so that you have one person in concession from open to close. These volunteers must be over 16 years old and older. Children under 16 should not be in concession during operation of the concession stand. Parents are not the only people that can fill this volunteer role as grandparents, friends, cousins, or other family members can help you with filling your volunteer spot for the evening.

Please remember if there are not volunteers, concessions cannot be opened. When we visit other parks, their concession is open and they would expect the same when visiting our park. Please help us to keep concession open as Woodville Little League is run solely on volunteers and we cannot run concessions without your help!


LINK TO BE UPDATED - Please click here to sign up for dates to volunteer.

Please be sure to check your email for the sign up confirmation, so that you can add the date to 
your calendar easily with the link in the confirmation email.

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